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~ Impacts of Ozone Depletion:

1. Atmospheric Chemistry 

2. Biological Systems

3. Oceanic Phytoplakton & Fisheries 

4. Crop Yields

5. Human Skin, Eye Tissues, & Immunity 

*these were my actual notes for my geography 100, environmental science and society class. these are very scary. if we don’t do something soon to change the world, it will be destroyed. 

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i often times overreact to a lot of things.

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happy manderz😁🎃

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fall stuff🍃🍂🍁

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~ 1/2 Empty, 1/2 Full

this time of year both makes me incredibly sad and incredibly happy. mostly sad though. it makes me feel empty and memories that i don’t remember having any other time of the year come back, and i remember my childhood and how i will never relive it. and i remember the mistakes i made throughout the years, how i can’t change them. the regret eats me alive. 

— 3 days ago

it was the way he looked at me.

with those piercing eyes full of warmth, comfort, desire.

he would just stare and gaze

and i would catch him constantly. 

but he continued to do it anyways.

i would give him a swift smile, he smiled back,

and the cycle continued.

nobody ever looked at me the way he did.

and i couldn’t let him do it any longer because i was leaving. 

the sarcasm of his jokes, the playfulness he possessed, the way he put his hand in my pocket and wrapped his arm around me, and the love we shared for silly things like hp, i couldn’t help but feel butterflies.

but it all had to stop.

and i was scared to tell him,

but i had to.

i won’t ever forget the way he looked at me. 

— 3 days ago
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